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Efficiency is what we’re all about because there are a lot of choices out there, and you need to feel you got the right man with a van.

We specialise in light removals: flat moves to house clearances, exhibitions and events and even courier work – all with a sunny smile.

Call us to discuss a particular job you need doing. We will happily talk this through with you and provide you with free advice. We are waiting to be of assistance to you!

by Lizzie Richardson on East London Man and Van
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I just wanted to say a massive thank you for this morning. You both went above and beyond and i can't tell you how grateful and apprecative i am! My dad used to help me pack, he isnt around anymore but you both honestly made it the most seamless and easygoing on such a stressful day physically & emotionally. Thanks once again, will recommend you to absolutely everyone i meet!

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We cover East London:

E1 Whitechapel, Stepney, Mile End
E2 Bethnal Green, Shoreditch
E3 Bow, Bromley-by-Bow
E4 Chingford, Highams Park
E5 Clapton
E6 East Ham, Beckton
E7 Forest Gate, Upton Park
E8 Hackney, Dalston
E9 Homerton, South Hackney
E10 Leyton
E11 Leytonstone, Wanstead
E12 Manor Park
E13 Plaistow
E14 Poplar, Millwall, Isle of Dogs
E15 Stratford, West Ham
E16 Victoria Docks, N Woolwich, Canning Town
E17 Walthamstow
E18 Woodford South
E20 Olympic Park, East Village

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Top tips to save you money with our East London Man & van

Declutter before the moving day. Many moves are scheduled for Sats & Suns when some movers charge a higher rate for the weekend. We just maintain the same hourly rate. Weekend appointments can make our diary full so book as early as possible.

Save time by packing items into labelled boxes before we arrive. Please don’t let the boxes overflow as they will not be able to stack. We can then easily load the van and once we arrive, unpack using the markings on the boxes for bedroom, front room, kitchen or whatever.

Man and Van in East London Labelled Boxes

More time can be saved by ensuring the loading and unloading points are accessible. The more time we can save the less you pay.
Unlike a self-drive van, there is no humungous deposit, and you’re only paying for the time we are moving your belongings.

We’ve heard of people losing all their deposit when a small scratch appears on the hired van, easy to do when unsecured goods are not strapped or tied. An easy oversight for the novice mover.

Man & Van or Big Removal Company?

Much boils down to the scale of the move and who is picking up the tab.
Removal companies have lorries, warehousing, bigger overheads that all cost a fortune. So naturally, are forced to pass on part of that cost to customers. Most offer a reasonably good service but at a price not everyone can well afford.

A Man & Van service can be just as reliable but at a cheaper price. Most Man & Van companies are not lucky enough to generate takings over the vat threshold so do not have to be VAT registered.

Could be an instant 20% saving right there.

Vans come in many different sizes from Ford Transit to Luton vans with tail lifts. None is as large as a removal firm’s large lorry, but it may be cost effective making several trips in a smaller van than one in a lorry.

East London Man and Van For Hire

Planning and Packing

Buy the packaging materials ahead of time.
Cardboard Boxes usually come flat packed so are easy to store.
Styrofoam, Bubble wrap or even crumpled newspaper are good as are packing tape on a dispenser.
Marker pens to write the rooms on labels & boxes.
Label the boxes for which room to go to e.g. kitchen, front bedroom etc.
Seal boxes flat (avoid overflowing).
If possible allocate parking for our van, to save time loading.

Moving can be a drag if you have to do all the work yourself. Make life easier and get our Man & Van service to help with the donkey work. East London Man and Van will arrive on time and work fast.

Our clients often help with loading and unloading of heavy items as this saves on the requirement of an extra man and reduces cost to you.

Although, if you need additional help a second man can easily save you time, arguably your most precious commodity.

To tip or not to tip East London Man and Van

We want to have faith in the people allowed to handle and move the contents of our home and worldly possessions. We kind of have to…which is why a good man and van can easily win loyal customers just by being professional.

Let’s say a waiter gets your order wrong, it is usually a lot easier to put right than an error made by your removal man. If a removal guy “drops the ball”, it may not be a case of reordering a round of beans on toast, so to speak.

What if the mover scratches a polished wooden floor when he drags a heavy item or breaks your grandfathers’ clock? Moving men sometimes have to work very hard at their job and always be mindful, not to damage the slightest thing.

Perhaps we should recognise furniture removals as the professional service that it is. Treating the crew to a tea break, or other reward or both, shows you appreciate the extra care and effort they’ve taken.

If the movers display an indifferent attitude or worse, it would be understandable for not tipping, you don’t reward negative behaviour do you? Whether to tip or not comes down to the care, manner, speed taken by your removal men. When your removal guys do a decent job, why not throw down a few extra pennies.

In the United Kingdom, house movers do not really expect a tip but they are very welcome when they appear. It shows that you have noticed, wiggling a large, heavy sofa out of narrow doorways and up an endless flight of steps without a blemish to the paintwork or leather. You may think you are paying them enough already. But the boys doing the work of carrying your furniture will not be driving home in fancy wheels anytime soon. Not by the time it has filtered down from the top.

Go on Guv’nor, have a heart to show your appreciation…

East London Man with Van For Hire