Poplar, Millwall & Isle of Dogs

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Man and Van poplar Millwall and Isle Of Dogs E14 Telephone Number 07904460007

The service we offer is very simple and straight-forward.
On your moving day we arrive with a van, load it up, drive to your new address and then unload.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a Single Trip move, the price can be as little as £40 quid as long as it’s within 1 hour.


Remember, the man and van price does go up when more time is involved perhaps because of stairs/lifts or when parking in E14 is difficult.


Interesting snippets

Poplar was lost for a decade during the development of the Isle of Dogs


Millwall was originally known as Marshwall, its name derives from the large number of windmills built on the river wall, in the 19th century. Corn was brought along the River Thames to be ground into flour there, before being delivered to bakers.


During World War II, the Isle of Dogs docks were a key target for the German Luftwaffe and were heavily bombed. Unexploded bombs from this period continue to be discovered today.