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Man and Van Wanstead Telephone Number 07904460007

The service we offer is very simple and straight-forward.
On your moving day we arrive with a van, load it up, drive to your new address and then unload.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a Single Trip move, the price can be as little as £40 quid as long as it’s within 1 hour.


Remember, the man and van price does go up when more time is involved perhaps because of stairs/lifts or when parking in Wanstead is difficult.


Wanstead Tidbits

Roman remains found in Wanstead Park show there was once a large settlement.

During the Middle Ages, Wanstead was a small, rural parish on the fringe of Epping Forest. The total recorded population for the year 1086 was only 18.

Even in 1670 there were no more than 40 houses in Wanstead. However, there were 112 by 1762 and some 150 in 1796.

The Eagle pond close to Snaresbrook, used to be called Snares pond back in 1746. It is an important feature and anglers enjoy their fishing there.

A mineral spring was discovered at Wanstead, in about 1619, which for a short period became a fashionable spa.

In the early 18th century, the River Roding was diverted so that elaborate lakes could be constructed by the owners of Wanstead House. Some of these watercourses and lakes remain and are still enjoyed today.

When the railway arrived in 1856, Wanstead was still a village but over the following quarter century, near Snaresbrook station and Hermon Hill, there was much construction.

The type of dwellings created in Wanstead around that time were much bigger, on average, than those in nearby suburbs, and included many detached and semi-detached properties.

Since 1918 property sizes have, for various reasons, been restricted. Urbanization and shortage of land have encouraged the building of flats as many older buildings suffered from air raid damage during the great war.

Wanstead retained much of its woodland up until the 19th century; small patches are still flourishing at Snaresbrook and Bushwood.

Wanstead Flats combine to form a wide heath. To the North, you’ll find Wanstead golf course and Wanstead Park.

Famed for his role as Baldrick from “Blackadder” and more recently his “Time Team” show on channel 4, Tony Robinson attended Wanstead High School during the 60’s.

Nick Berry from “Heartbeat” and “Eastenders”, and also snooker genius Ronnie O’Sullivan are said to have attended Wanstead High School.

Other actors from “Eastenders” include Jessie Wallace, who plays Kat Slater, lived in Wanstead until 2006. Sid Owen, who plays Ricky Butcher and Tamzin Outhwaite, who plays Melanie Healy.

Comedian Linda Smith, who regularly appeared on “Have I Got News for You”, lived in Wanstead.

Other noted residents from back in history include William Penn, the dramatist Richard Sheridan and poet Thomas Hood.

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