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Your local East London Man and Van are ready to help.

Be it a small moving job or an office move, our Man and Van Service will suit your budget and requirements.

We take pride in offering a reliable and affordable service with a choice of the hourly rate removal service or a fixed move cost for outside the M25.

We will make sure that your move goes as smoothly and as timely as possible.

We are also flexible and can work on short notice.

So, if you want to move in or out of East London on an immediate basis, then we would love to help you.

by Lizzie Richardson on East London Man and Van
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I just wanted to say a massive thank you for this morning. You both went above and beyond and i can't tell you how grateful and apprecative i am! My dad used to help me pack, he isnt around anymore but you both honestly made it the most seamless and easygoing on such a stressful day physically & emotionally. Thanks once again, will recommend you to absolutely everyone i meet!

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Man with a Van vs Self-Drive

Whether you’re booking a Man with a Van or you are self-driving, getting your furniture ready for moving day is a good idea. Large items such as settees, beds, dressers and dining sets can be far more awkward to prepare than your music collection, books or picture frames.

Packing up your goods, so it all arrives in perfect condition, is the name of the game. You simply need to be methodical. Flat pack as much as possible then wrap or box up all items including the nuts & bolts or any other hardware.

Draw up a list of what is going so you can determine how much packing material to get.

You will do well to have mattress covers, parcel tape, bubble-wrap, plastic-wrap, furniture blankets and old towels and rags. Come moving day, you will be much better off to have too much rather than not enough.

Give the furniture a bit of a clean, why not? Dust and polish everything you intend to move. It’s not cool to wrap up dirty furniture for storage and taking to your new home. Then again, you may enjoy spending time cleaning it once you arrive, your choice naturally.

Clear out any stuff inside the furniture as this will make it easier to lift. Ideally, empty all drawers. Remove ornaments from cabinets, etc. and pack them into their own moving boxes.

Remove legs from settees if necessary, and remove the headboards and footboards from beds. Refer to your furniture assembly instructions if you still can find them.

Place any hardware in clear plastic bags that seal. Label the bags or tape the bags to the corresponding furniture. Use bubble-wrap, stretchable plastic-wrap, towels and blankets to protect furniture parts and pack them in Labeled boxes.

Cover glass table tops with furniture blankets or towels. Use newspapers, rags or other packing materials to ensure fragile items do not bounce around inside their boxes.

Slide polythene sleeves over the mattresses. These sleeves will protect from rips and moisture. Purchase these covers at self-storage shops or online.

Blankets on the floor of the van can help protect furniture as does lashing items together with straps to help diminish cargo movement while in transit.

Man with a Van

You’re seriously considering to drive a removal van yourself, are over 25 years of age and have enough money on a credit card for the deposit payment?

There’s fuel, parking, congestion charge, ‘optional’ insurance to consider. Next plan time to collect and return the van before and after, never mind enlisting fit friends to help with the work.

Lastly remember that many van rental companies close at midday on Saturday, therefore, charge you for the whole weekend. Meaning you have to return it Monday, most likely during the London rush hour. Are you happy about navigating through London’s traffic in an unfamiliar large removal van?

You can start to see how East London Man and Van can save you money. Any time that there is too much to fit a taxi or car you can call on us.

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